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11,95 € (impuestos inc.)
Set off on an outdoor adventure to find natural treasure, from prickly pine cones to swirly snail´s shells, then learn more about the object with fact-filled nature notes. Paperback
9,50 € (impuestos inc.)
Meet Dirty Bertie - a boy with nose-picklingly DISGUSTING HABITS! He´s full to bursting with madcap plans and crazy ideas, and if it´s TROUBLE you´re after, look no further - Bertie´s sure to be up to his neck in it!...
12,95 € (impuestos inc.)
From rockets to mermaids and everything in between, this diverse and exciting new anthology is perfect for children approaching poetry for the very first time.
9,75 € (impuestos inc.)
Sam looks after the sheep all day. He´s bored, so he thinks of a story. "Help, help, there´s a wolf!". At first, everyone believes him, but then Sam tells the same story again, and again... Level 1 - Beginner reader -...
9,75 € (impuestos inc.)
Arthur dreams of becoming a knight, but no-one knows who he really is. His dream seems impossible until he finds a shining silver sword, fixed in a stone. What can it mean? LEVEL 2 - Pre-intermediate - 800 headwords....
9,75 € (impuestos inc.)
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" The Queen wants to be the most beautiful, but one day the mirror says, "Snow White!". LEVEL 1 - Elementary - 500 headwords. Number of words, excluding...
9,75 € (impuestos inc.)
"I´m sorry, Beast," said Beauty.  "I can be your friend, but I can´t marry you."  Poor Beast! Can Beauty learn to love him? LEVEL 1 - Elementary - 500 headwords. Number of words, excluding activities and glossary:...
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