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Juegos Educativos y Otros Materiales

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16,50 € (impuestos inc.)
Develop reading and spelling skills using sounds and blends. Follows on from our bestselling Match and Spell game. Develops advanced reading and spelling skills. Double-sided boards to extend learning. Perfect...
16,50 € (impuestos inc.)
A fun first reading and spelling activity. Encourage letter recognition and word building. Two ways to play! Top 5 bestseller. Perfect for preschoolers. Five-star rated game. Perfect birthday gift.
19,95 € (impuestos inc.)
Help children learn about handling money and giving change with this fun shopping game. Encourages number and counting skills.12 Includes pretend money. Suitable for ages 5-9. Perfect birthday gift.
19,95 € (impuestos inc.)
A fun food lotto game that has been a family favourite for over 35 years! Make a tasty meal, but watch out for the yucky foods in this hilarious food lotto! An Orchard Toys classic that is loved by children (who are...
19,95 € (impuestos inc.)
A fun board game to develop analogue and digital time telling skills. Two fun ways to play! Includes big clock with moveable hands to help practice telling the time! Suitable for ages 5-9. Perfect birthday gift.
29,95 € (impuestos inc.)
Thirty unusual objects are hidden inside a giant sock. Using only your sense of touch, can you retrieve the right one in time? The hilarious dexterity challenge that's perfect for families or parties. Age Range: 8+
29,95 € (impuestos inc.)
"A party game of creative word association! Every round, each player secretly writes a one-word clue to the mystery word on one player's card, then that player will guess the mystery word. The twist: if two or more...
22,95 € (impuestos inc.)
"The quick-thinking game of word association! You've got 10 seconds to think of a word that not only relates to the last player's word but also has its first letter still visible on the cube. As time runs out, so do...
24,95 € (impuestos inc.)
"Test your reflexes and powers of observation in this fast-paced dexterity game, simplified for younger players to enjoy! Grab for the totem if you flip a matching card - but are you sure that those two images are the...
19,95 € (impuestos inc.)
Burger ASAP! A game of speed and logic. In this game of coordination and speed, grab your set of double-sided ingredient cards and start making burgers! Race to turn the cards over and put them in the right order to...
18,00 € (impuestos inc.)
Which animal left a mess on the carpet? It'll take an uproarious game of memory and quick reactions to find out! This eidtion comes with a poop shaped bag to store it in. Age Range: 6+
29,95 € (impuestos inc.)
"A simplified, cooperative version of the hit party game. Can you help your friends to guess the animals by giving them hints about their features?" Age Range: 4+
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