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I am a superkid, and I´m the best at being ME! I can spread happiness, share my love, and change the world. Even when things look like they´re not going my way, with strength and spirit, I CAN DO ANYTHING! Paperback
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What you look like is part of how you express yourself - your body, your rules! But it´s only a part of your story. Discovering who you are on the inside is what really matters. Following tried-and-tested techniques,...
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Confidence is like a muscle, and everyone´s confidence can benefit from a bit of coaching to stretch and strengthen that muscle.  Following tried and tested techiques, children will learn how to build empathy and...
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Understanding tricky feelings empowers children to flourish in their friendships. Following tried-and-tested techniques, children will learn practise self-care and to listen, or sometimes not listen, to the stories...
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Empowering children to tap into the power of their minds promotes healthy self-esteem. Following tried and tested techniques, children will learn to build empathy and find their inner power.  From finding awe in the...
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